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Assignments Assignments




Class 1 (Mar 31 T)



1)Read S Barnet, "Shakespeare: An Overview," in any Signet. Read The Taming of the Shrew by Thursday


Class 2 (Apr 2 R)

The Taming of the Shrew --
The Many Faces of Shakespeare


Class 3 (Apr 7 T)

The Taming of the Shrew --
Old, New, and Native Comedy


 Class 4 (Apr 9 R)

The Taming of the Shrew --
The Taming? of the Shrew?


Class 5 (Apr 14 T)

TEST on Taming of the Shrew


Class 6 (Apr 16 R)




 Class 7 (Apr 21 T) 

 Richard II --

The Order of Things


Class 8 (Apr 23 R)

Richard II -- 
The Test of Identity



 Class 9 (Apr 28 T)

 Richard II -- 

From Ceremony to Farce


 ***Monday May 4***

SHORT Paper Due (2-3 pp)On one of the assigned paper topics on Richard II.

Due by 2 pm., uploaded online into Gauchospace to your TA.



Class 10 (Apr 30 R)

A Midsummer Night's Dream

-- Athens and the Woods: Authority and Reason vs. Love and Imagination



 Class 11 (May 5 T)

A Midsummer's Night Dream 

-- Seeing Double: Wood within Wood 


Class 12 (May 7 R)

A Midsummer's Night Dream 

-- Getting to the Bottom of Things 


Class 13 (May 12 T)

TEST on Midsummer Night's Dream



Class 14 (May 14 R)

The Merchant of Venice

 -- "My purse, my person": Personal Value in The Merchant of Venice


Class 15 (May 19 T)

The Merchant of Venice -- 
--"Staging Gentile, Staging Jew"


 Class 16 (May 21 R)

The Merchant of Venice -- 
The Cost of Comedy; Or Equity Strained



***Monday May 25***

Long Paper Due (4-5 pp.) on The Merchant of Venice; 

On one of the assigned paper topics on Merchant.

Due by 2 pm, uploaded to Gauchospace online to your TA. 



Class 17 (May 26 T)

Hamlet --
"Hamlet and Liminality"


Class 18 May 28 R)

Hamlet --

"Getting Inside the Between:

Hamlet and Interiority"


Class 19 (June 2 T)

Hamlet --
"The Problem with Women"



Class 20 (June 4 R)

Hamlet --
"Action!: The End"


***MONDAY June 8th, 12-*3,pm., Girvetz 1004***

EXAM on ONLY Hamlet! "The Readiness is All."






FINAL EXAM, Monday, June 8, 12:00 - 3:00 pm PST (but the exam can be taken during any 3 hour period over a 24 hour period, starting June 8 at 12:00 pm PST. Since the exam will be formatted like a test, it will likely only in fact take 75 minutes to complete at the most).

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